My Review Policy

First and foremost...I'm a reader, I love to read, but I will only read what I want to read.  I review the books I read because I want to.  I may or may not want to review your if I ignore your request to review your book, it is because it does not appeal to me.  If you have an Audio version of your book, your chances are better, that I might want to read & review it. 

What I don't like to read is most shifter-type books, stories with too much sex and not enough plot.  High Fantasy (but I could make exceptions on this one, who knows), super scary stories freak me out, so I don't like those either.  I'm also not a fan of Non-Fiction.  Lately, I've been pulling away from most paranormal, I'm just not feeling that genre, that's not to say that it's completely off the table.  I don't always feel the need to accept review copies of books because basically, I can get most of the books I want to read with my library card, netgalley, or through Scribd.

Thank you, Leah
Leah's Bookish Obsession.

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