Saturday, December 7, 2019

Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

⬥Skyward #2 of 4--Book 1 Rating 5+ STARS
⬥ Deep Space Fantasy
⬥Science Fiction
⬥Alien Diversity
⬥Inter-Planetary Travel/Piloting
⬥Doomslug & M-Bot (AI)
⬥New Characters
⬥With Audio Performed A Tad High Pitchedly by Suzy Jackson




A highly imaginative space adventure with a lot of heart.  I really loved Skyward, and Starsight was a solid follow-up to it...and while I didn't like it quite as much as Skyward, it has all the elements for me or anyone else to do so, and it was only by a smidge, anyhow.  The reason for that is I was missing the supporting characters from book least we still got plenty of Doomslug and M-Bot, though.  I have to say that Brandon Sanderson is a stellar writer...even if his books are a tad on the long side...long books scare me for some reason.  It could have something to do with my short attention span.

Spensa wants to learn more about what or who she is, and why she hears the whispers and sees the "eyes".  When the opportunity to do so shows up she makes a quick decision and just like that the setting of the story takes an abrupt turn.  The story expands into so much more, there's not only intrigue but something the words of Buzz infinity and beyond.

The cliffhanger ending left me rather bereft.  Although...I do have a feeling where the next book is going, and I can't wait till the Spring of 2021 to see if I'm right.  It could be wise to wait to read/listen to this series for a little while longer what with that long wait for Book #3.


Plot 5/5
Narration Performance 4.3/5
Characters 4.5/5
The Feels 4.5/5
Pacing 4.5/5
Addictiveness 4.5/5
Theme or Tone 5/5
Flow (Writing Style) 5/5
Backdrop (World Building) 5/5
Originality 5/5
Ending 4.7/5 Cliffhanger Yup!!!

Book Cover It's okay...I like it better than Skyward's cover.  I still like the UK covers best, though.  They go with the story so well...

Setting Detritus and Starsight
Source Audible Audiobook
Length 14 hours, 25 minutes

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