Friday, November 22, 2019

Wilder Girls by Rory Power


The Tox
Possibly Apocalyptic
Quarantined Island
Dark Academia - All-Girls School
A Splash of Girl 2 Girl Romance
Horror-if-ic Body Altering

With Audio Perfectly Performed by Eileen Stevens & Jessie Vilinsky




The reviews I read for this almost derailed me from listening to this...but when the Library bought the Audio and automatically checked it out to me (I had recommended it), I was like, why could be interesting, and I'm glad I did.

Wilder Girls is quite different from anything else I've ever read.  The premise alone, an apocalyptic type virus affecting the entire island, not just the school, but also the wildlife, in fantastically bizarre manners.  Added to that, the almost magnetic writing that sets it apart from other Dark Academia out there.  I was warned that it is very gory...and it is, although, the way people went on about the gore, I thought it would be more so than it was.  The romance is subtle and just a small part of the story because seriously, these girls got a lot on their plates, and very little of it is actual food.

But alas, while I dug this for all the above reasons...overall, its most significant issue is the lack of answers by the end of the story.  In that respect, it reminded me of Lost (The TV Show), which I loved right up until the final episode.  The ending of Wilder Girls needs a sequel...and so could Lost, that I think about it. 


Plot 4/5
Narration Performance 5/5
Characters 4/5
The Feels 4.3/5
Pacing 4.2/5
Addictiveness 5/5
Theme or Tone 4.3/5
Flow (Writing Style) 4.3/5
Backdrop (World Building) 4.3/5
Originality 5/5
Ending 3/5 Cliffhanger Well...yeah it sorta did.  It felt like there should be a second book...but nothing about that yet.

Book Cover Wow, this could easily be Best Cover of the year.
Setting Raxter Island
Source Libby Audiobook (Library)
Length 8 hours, 49 minutes.

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