Monday, November 25, 2019

Solo: A Star Wars Story


Star Wars Disney Canon
Movie Adaptation
Han Meets Chewy
L3 - One Of Coolest Droids Ever!
Lando and His Capes
Qi'Ra, I Loved You In Most Wanted...
...But Not So Much In This
How Han Acquired the Millennium Falcon

With Audio Performed by Marc Thompson




Full Disclosure:  This is my second ever Star Wars read...and it won't be my last.  I've seen all the movies, including Solo...which I just watched after finishing this.  And while I really like the Star Wars movies, I'm not a die-hard fan, like some others out there know those people, they know who every character is, and what planet they came from, and all their stats, basically.  I don't follow the stories that fact, when I saw Rogue One in the theatre, I didn't even know that they were all going to die in the end...I was like, what, they just died?  My husband rolled his eyes at me.  Furthermore, I don't even care that Disney took it all over.  It totally works for me.  One other thing, I find I have a better idea of what is going on after having read these two least in regards to the Movie Solo.

I didn't love this like I did Star Wars Most Wanted...I think Rae Carson captured the true personality of Han Solo much better than Mur Lafferty did.  Although the narration performed by Marc Thompson did make Han...well, more Han.  I have to say though, that L3 gave him some competition for best character, I really love how all the droids in the Star Wars Universe have such personalities, even R2D2, who only communicates with beeps has character.  It's quite refreshing when we're constantly bombarded with the robots that want to kill us all, like the Terminator Universe.

Overall, I really liked what these two books (Solo and Most Wanted) together gave me...a background on Han Solo, my favorite character in Star Wars Universe.  Well, other than the droids of course.  


Plot 4.5/5
Narration Performance 5/5
Characters 4.5/5
The Feels 3.5/5
Pacing 4.3/5
Addictiveness 4.3/5
Theme or Tone 5/5
Flow (Writing Style) 4/5
Backdrop (World Building) 4.3/5
Ending 4/5 Cliffhanger could say that.

Book Cover Movie Cover...
Setting Star Wars Universe
Source Libby Audiobook (Library)
Length 9 hours, 32 minutes

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