Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Exes' Revenge by Jo Jakeman

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One hell-of-a Asshat
+3 Women and a Child
A Little Bit of Mystery

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With Audio Performed by Fiona Hardingham

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This book tried to be a number of things, it tried to be an emotional, psychological thriller...but it only managed to be semi-so.  Semi-thrilling and semi-psychological.  It came off as being overly played-out, and not really all that mysterious.  Like many reviews for this state, it feels like a lifetime movie.  Something to spend a lazy Sunday on.  But also something you could pass up and not be missing out on anything.  Narration for this was not my favorite and left me feeling kind of meh.

๏ ๏ ๏  MY RATING ๏ ๏ ๏ 


๏ Breakdown of Ratings ๏ 

Plot⇝  2.5/5
Narration Performance⇝  3/5
Characters⇝  2/5
The Feels⇝  2/5
Pacing⇝  2.5/5
Addictiveness⇝  2.7/5
Theme or Tone⇝  2/5
Flow (Writing Style)⇝  3/5
Originality⇝  1/5
Ending⇝  2.5/5 Cliffhanger⇝ No, thank goodness...
๏ ๏ ๏
Book Cover⇝ Umm...can we nasty fall?
Setting⇝ I think Manchester
Source⇝ Audiobook (Library)
๏ ๏ ๏

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