Sunday, March 31, 2019

Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone

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Girls Rule, and Boys Drool
A Self-Diagnosed Sociopath
Absolutely Brilliant
Bad-Ass MC

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With Audio Performed by Nicol Zanzarella

   A Bookish Obsession Favorite   

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A must-read, especially for all the Bad-Ass Chics out there, and I highly recommend the Audiobook.  Nicol Zanzarella as the voice of Jane totally nailed it.

Jane is a self-diagnosed sociopath.  You would think that she would be unlikable and someone you would never be friends with...but I'm actually kind of obsessed with her.  Obsessed with her cleverness, her deft sense of humor, and her portrayal of a simpering woman, when she's anything but.  And that was superb.  This is one of the best KU Read & Listen Audiobooks I've listened to so far  (I'm currently on 2 months for 99¢ plan on KU).

๏ ๏ ๏  MY RATING ๏ ๏ ๏ 


๏ Breakdown of Ratings ๏ 

Plot⇝  5/5
Narration Performance⇝  5/5
Main Characters⇝  5/5
Secondary Characters⇝  5/5
The Feels⇝  5/5
Pacing⇝  5/5
Addictiveness⇝  5/5
Theme or Tone⇝  5/5
Flow (Writing Style)⇝  5/5
Backdrop (World Building)⇝  5/5
Originality⇝  5/5
Ending⇝  5/5
๏ ๏ ๏
Book Cover⇝ Hmm...well, the story is way better than the cover...
Setting⇝ Minnesota 
Source⇝ KU Read & Listen
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